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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Tree of Life

As I stepped through the door, into Miriam's Mystic Emporium I was instantly drawn to the globes in the window. They float in the air, almost as if by magic. A purple translucent sphere, with the look of a black tree inside, beckons me.

Miriam smiles and welcomes me as I take a step towards the  beguiling ball of purple and black.  This is my first time here. I had never been in a witch's shop before. I had expected to see some magical things but not to feel such a powerful pull towards them.

"That's a witch's globe." Miriam informs me. My hands reach out, an inch away from touching the purple globe, but before I do, another globe draws my eye. "It traps negative energy, making the colors in the sphere seem darker and dirty."  The clear glass reflected the sunlight, making the green in it shine more brightly. It looked so much like a tree.

The words Tree of Life played  over and over in my mind until finally, I held the cool, heavy glass sphere in my hands.

Miriam wrapped my Tree of Life globe while explaining how I would have to clean it on a full moon, whenever the globe grew dark and dirty with negative energy.

So proud of my purchase, the first thing I do is show it to my husband.  I didn't expect my husband to love my Tree of Life globe and he didn't.  He hated it.

It didn't matter  that I loved it. It wasn't even my favorite color, he argued. If that didn't matter to me why would it bother him? It would break, he insisted. I didn't think so. The glass was heavy and thick. Beautiful and unique.

But no matter how beautiful, how unique, it wasn't worth fighting with my husband. So I gently placed my precious Tree of Life back into it's box and returned to Miriam's Mystic Emporium. My heart breaking every step of the way.

I walked my precious Tree of Life globe to the counter. Slowly removing it from its box trying to prolong the inevitable. A sad smile played on Mariam's lips when she told me to release the witch's globe so it could float back up with the other witch's globes..

I raised my hands above my head, gingerly releasing my Tree of Life sphere, only to watch it drop and shatter into a million pieces. "Oh my!" Miriam cried, jumping up, and rushing to my side. Tears falling freely down my face. "This has never happened before." she tells me, handing me a tissue.

"Why didn't it fly with the other globes?" I cried, feeling as if my best friend had just died in front of me.  Pieces of glass bite into my palms, as I fall to my knees, trying to scoop up all the precious pieces of my Tree of Life globe.

A drop of my blood mixes in with the glass and something wondrous happens. Shards whirl around like fallen leaves in a wind storm. Miriam and I watch in awe as it reforms itself. Once again my Tree of Life globe.

"Honey," Miriam whispers, "you keep this globe. It doesn't want anybody but you as it's owner." Reaching into her pocket, she hands me the money I had given her earlier. "You have magic in your veins." My hand enveloped in her old but soft hands. "Think about learning your craft and see me again when you are ready." Patting my hand when she releases it.

My Tree of Life globe floats down into my open hands. I cradle it in my palms, standing in the middle of Miriam's shop, until the tinkering of the shop bell sounded.

"I thought I told you to return that." My husband briskly said when he saw what I held in my hands. 

"She did." Miriam spoke up for me. "I gave it to her as a gift." I held up the money to prove I had indeed returned it. And everything was right in the world again. Except that apparently, I was a witch.

I included a real photo taken of the witch's globe. My Tree of Life one was sold and is no longer available for photos. Obviously I was inspired to write this through these witches globes. If you ever see one please stop and appreciate its beauty.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Ok so I want to share an experience with you. I am going to try to write it the best I can. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining things. But here I go...

I had just left my favorite local shop, and was on my way to have lunch with my husband. Not the romantic, candle-lit kind that one would expect on Valentine's Day but, any time I could spend with my husband was a good time.

So as I walk up the street I run into a man who starts smiling at me. Now I know smiles are supposed to be contagious but I was just trying to be polite and move on. I'm not sure it would have mattered if I hadn't acknowledged him. If I had said something I am sure the same scenario would have played out.

A smile that doesn't match his eyes as he says hello.Raised to be polite I say hello back and that's when the preaching began. I believe in God. But I don't believe in a lot of crap that people spew. God loves me and will forgive me. If I choose to ask for his forgiveness. I don't do bad things, ask for forgiveness and then go back to doing the same bad things. But people make mistakes. God knows that because he made us.

Or at least that's what I believe. More to the point no one is going to tell me what to believe. And this guy was trying to get me to tell him my "sins" right there in the middle of town. I was outraged ! Then he continues to list some sins to me. Probably to read me and see I reacted to any of them. One being having sex before being married.

I obviously had. Not that it was his business but I felt like every thing this guy said was a judgement against me. Not his place. Not his business. I was finally able to excuse myself by telling him I wasn't going to discuss this stuff in the middle of town. I was polite, I think. So he hands me a pamphlet and lets me go on my way.

What I forgot to mention is that he had a little boy with him. Not old enough to be in school yet. I would say it was his son but I can not in all certainty say that it was his son.In mind though, I believed the little boy was his son. While this man was preaching and trying to get me to confess my sins to him, the little boy was picking up snow and throwing it at cars.

Kids are kids. I understand. This guy told the boy to stop once and only once. Only because I turned my eyes from him to the boy. He had to see where my attention was and notice what the boy was doing.

My only thought about the boy was that he shouldn't be out with his father while he was trying to recruit people for his religion. He was uninterested in what his father was saying as I was.

The only things that really stayed with me about this man was the feeling of creepiness. It was in his eyes and in his smile. Creepy!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Excerpt from The UnReaper

I finally got over my writer's block for my son's story. So I wanted to show you what I wrote.Title is work in progress but as of now I am calling it The UnReaper. We'll see if it sticks. Tell me what you think

   I sneak out the door and into the thick  covering of the shady trees.With no place in mind, I wander through the still damp forest. Over the dead fallen trees and under the low hanging branches. My ears straining to hear the sound of dead leaves crunching, hoping that no one has followed me.

   Though all that I hear is the whispering of the wind as it blows by, scattering the leaves into the air, I pull my hood up making sure that no one could see me. As I do, the sights and sounds of the forest change.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fire Dress

I was trying to think of the dress, my character, Erika could wear for her sweet 16 party. So I drew a picture with my digital art pad. I think it came out exactly as I imagined it. I hope you like it. My facebook friend Janet Lightfoot did this for me. I like it. Hope you do too.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Richelle Mead : The Indigo Spell

I just finished the 3rd book in the Bloodlines Series. The Indigo Spell. Honestly I can't get enough of Rachelle Mead. It all started with her Vampire Academy Series . 
I have fallen in love with her stories. I don't want to give anything away but if you like a good romance TRUST ME these are the stories you want to read. Like every book of hers that I have read I gobble it up and I thirst for more.

So needless to say I can't wait until The Fiery Heart is released. I am super excited because it will be from BOTH of the main characters Point of View. Adrian Ivashkov ( a spirit user dhampir) and Sydney Sage (an alchemist) Oh I know you have no IDEA what that means but in Rachelle's Vampire Academy Series an alchemist is a person who helps hides the activities of the dhampires but are disgusted by anything unnatural. Things like magic Strigoi, Moroi and dhampires. So for Sydney to have romantic feeling for Adrian is MAJOR! If you haven't checked out the stories please do. Totally worth it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Okay so I am going to be cutting back a little bit on writing on my blog. So I can concentrate more fully on my stories. I am still blocked on my son's story, so I started writing my daughter's. If I post anything it might be an excerpt from the stories. Although honestly writing random stuff for my blog has already given me a scene for my daughter's story.

So you never know I might still post something just for inspirational purposes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writer's Block

Ok so as I might have mentioned before, I am writing a second book for The Reaper's Son. Title is on hold til I get the story finished. Anyway as you can also see I have been posting random snippets of what could be very good stories. And those just popped into my head. So it's driving me nuts that I have writers block when it comes to my son's story but I can pull scenes from the top of my head.

Unfortunately for me I think it means I have to take a break on The Reaper's Son 2. But I think I will do what I did last time and start on my daughter's story. Her's was The Unknown. Think I need to get the romance out of me. Cause that's all I want to write about right now. Fortunately my daughter is old enough that she would appreciate some romance in her story.

Lucky for me I can't seem to write anything more than kissing scenes. Lucky? That seems like a downfall right? It is, but not when it comes to writing what I deem appropriate love scenes for my daughter's next story.

Her's has so many options for me to explore and I don't know which way it's going to go. But I do know on her 16th birthday a BIG secret is revealed. What could be bigger than finding out you have fire powers ! ? You'll have to read the next book to find out. :)

You're Beautiful

"You don't need makeup," he tells her. "You're pretty without it."
 Laughing off his comment, she continues to brush on her ivory foundation. She leans in closer towards the mirror, making sure she's covered all of her face. So completely focused on her own reflection she doesn't notice him coming up behind her.

Grabbing her shoulder, he spins her around "You're beautiful," he tells her, "just" brushing a wet cloth against her cheek, "like" and her chin, "this." 

Her cheeks flush pink at his compliment. Her eyes half closed, she leans towards his touch. Dropping the cloth, he runs his fingers through her hair to the nape of her neck. "I'm going to kiss you now." he says, as if warning her.

"I want you to." she says throatily. But still, he hesitates. "Kiss me." she murmurs and his lips descend on hers.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Power of Five

Tabitha  was hiding in the bathroom, smoking a cigarette, when we first met.  I was shocked. With her wild, frizzy, light brown hair, piled on top of her head and the goth look, she was pulling off, there was no way she looked old enough to buy cigarettes.

Seeing what she calls a "tattle" face, she blows the smoke in my face. Just to be ignorant, I think. I don't want that putrid stuff polluting my lungs so I cut through the smoke waving my hands.

"Oh, you don't like that." she smiles, and I know she has something worse planned than blowing smoke in my face. Word around the school was this girl was trouble. With a capital T. So I admit I was a little scared. But I didn't want her to know that.

So I kindly told her where she could stick her cigarette, but that really hadn't helped. She took one last drag of her cigarette, before she ashed it out on her arm. Horrified at what she had done, I grab her arm and shove it under the cold running water, at the sink.

We've been friends ever since. I'm still trying to get her to quit smoking. Though I doubt that will ever happen without getting her boyfriend Jose to quit as well. The two of them make quite the pair. Tabitha, with her wild hair and dark gothic clothes, and Jose, with his poofy afro, black hair and clean cut clothes.

We were a bit of a triangle until Erik came along. I had been in crazy about him for so long and it was like one day he finally saw me. The best day of my life was when he rolled down the window in his '91 Chevy Blazer and asked if I needed a ride while I was walking home with Tabitha and Jose. Stunned, I didn't say anything, until Tabitha gave me a little push and I stuttered "Ss..sure."

Opening the door and hopping in I tell him where I live. He smiles and I almost melt. His hazel eyes light up as he notices my reaction and I am so embarrassed. Slumping in my seat, I wait for the ride to be over. Erik glancing at me when he stops at a traffic light. "What's wrong?" he asks, frowning. When I don't answer, he lifts my chin with his finger and places a soft kiss on my lips. He starts to pull away, until I thread my fingers through his silky, chestnut brown hair, pulling his lips back down to mine.

His rough stubble scratches my skin as his lips consumes me. A moan escapes, as his lips leave mine to trail kisses along my neck. Weak with desire, his hand cradles my head. I have dreamed this moment so many times but never like this. His kisses set me on fire and I want more. Giving into my desire, I pull his mouth back to mine.


The moment is over. Blinking my eyes open I notice the light had turned green and a line of cars were behind us. I turn to Erik and find him watching me. "Erik, the light's green." I tell him.


As he puts his car in drive, the light turns red and ends up driving through it. Red and blue lights flash behind us and Erik pulls over.. Pulling out his insurance and registration, he waits for the cop to walk up to his car. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" The police officer asks him. Erik shakes his head no. "You ran a red light." The officer informs him, writing out a ticket and handing it to him. Then he walks back to his car and drives away.

Holding up the ticket he says "Worth it."  Which had my blushing like crazy. The car  is drenched in silence, until he stops in front of my house. He jumps out of his car and opens my door for me, letting me out. I hide behind the strands of my long dark brown hair, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

"Cassandra," he says, brushing the hair from my face, lifting my chin so I would meet his eyes. When my eyes finally lifted to meet his, he lowered his head, brushing his lips against mine. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." Then he gets in his car and drives away. Leaving my dazed and giddy.

And that's how Erik and I began.

Then there's Bob. Who is Erik's new radical friend that brought all of us here. Talking of magic and charged energy.  Forming a circle, Bob's hand is in my right and Erik's in my left. Erik, the only skeptic, insisted on measuring our energy with an ohm meter.  So in his left hand he holds the red positive probe. Jose holds the black negative probe in his right hand and Tabitha's in his left. Connecting the circle is Tabitha, holding Jose's and Bob's hands.

The ohm meter spikes to 2000 volts as soon as the circle is complete. I feel the energy from Bob's hand zip through mine. Then Erik breaks the connection, dropping my hand. "This is crazy." he says before storming out of the room. The circle is broken, but the energy is still there. I could feel its charge before I release Bob's hand.

"Let him go!" Tabitha shouts as I run after Erik. I finding him in the front yard, the snow melting as he walks away.

"Erik!" I shout, "Wait!" He keeps walking but then spins around to face me.

"I don't want to be apart of that kind of crazy shit ", he shouts, "and I don't want you to be either!" His hazel eyes glowing brightly.

"Erik," I cry, " your eyes!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cheetah Spider

Okay so the first time in like forever I took a nap and what I am about to tell you might very well be the reason why I don't nap in the middle of the afternoon. I had a dream about a BIG spider. A smooth, hairless grey spider with black cheetah spots all along its body. With looooooong daddy long legged spider legs. 

The first time I seen it, it was on my wall. I started screaming for Erik and I ran away. By the time we came into the room to kill it it was already gone. So then I started freaking out because I knew it was in the house but I didn't know where.

So I pick up my black pug dog, KayLynn, and we hide on the sofa couch. Then I see the cheetah spider again hanging precariously on the incense stick. I jump up and start screaming again. KayLynn jumps off the bed and started barking at the spider. I rush to scoop her up and I see the spider run by so I start screaming again. 

Now for some reason I see a black cat run past and I go upstairs and there is a little doorway to get to the neighbors house. I go to close the door and they tell me that it's their cat's pet door, then they shut it in my face.

I go back downstairs and there is a lady with gray, almost white, hair in my house talking to someone. ( I can't remember who she was talking to) I turn, when I see a blur of white out of the corner of my eye, and sitting in my hallway is a long haired white cat with yellow-orange goo on its fur. Starting from its mouth and dripping down. 

The strange old lady turns to me then and says  "My cat has the influenza." Just like that too.
and that was the end of my dream. In case you didn't get it the white cat ate the spider.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


SEE - The time passing by slowly.
SMELL -nothing
FEEL - stomach in knots. Worry. Fear.
TASTE -My mouth is dry.
HEAR -The tick-tocking of the clock. Every sound but the sound I want to hear the most.

I pace the floor, waiting, wondering when he will come home.If he'll come home. I try his cell yet again. Listening to the phone ring, ring, ring. Hearing the automated sound of his voicemail ties my stomach in knots.

Looking at the clock, I notice only a minute has gone by since my last glance. The numbers glare at me. I don't know how much longer I can stand this. It has been hours since I had last heard his voice. Sounding so carefree and perfectly fine.

But that was hours ago. Anything could have happened between then and now. Throwing my shoes on,  ready to look for him. Anything is better than this

But before my arms makes it through my jacket sleeves, I hear the familiar sound of his voice and I know he's home. My little boy is safe and sound. Home from school. Breathing a sigh of relief as he walks through the door.

"Hi, mom." He greets me unaware of how worried I was.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Describing Music

Okay so today's description is going to be about music. I have to be more specific cause not all music sounds the same. So I choose my favorite inspirational music. The kind of music you can get lost in. If I wanted to meditate I would meditate to this kind of music. Classical music.

Now not all classical music sounds the same. So I am going to choose a specific song.

Dark Night of the Soul- Philip Wesley

SIGHT- Obviously there isn't much to see because I am not watching this live. So I am going to close my eyes and describe what I see.  

Smooth, polished fingers caressing the white and black keys. The fingers flutter over each note, delicately pressing the keys. Smoothing running from key to key

A dancer, dressed a pink dress with sheer materials that would flow with her movements, (much like this dress. Except that it had lighter fabric for easier leg movements.) ,dancing in ballerina movements. Her dance moves just as elegant and light as the music. Moving faster as the music does.

SMELL - I don't get a scent with this music.

TOUCH -The vibrations of the music through my headphones.My head moving in tune wit the music. My fingers pretending they are playing this music pressing the keys in the air. Sometimes even being the baton

There is another touch. One you don't feel with your hands. It's the emotional kind. Now I don't have any memories to tag with this song for feelings but I feel very serene.

TASTE - I don't taste anything either.

SOUND - A rich sound of piano keys being played by very skill fingers. Two sets of hands lightly hitting the keys making beautiful notes. Rich, soft inspiring musical notes that touch my soul.

As for the smell, and taste, I would imagine if I had a memory that coincided with this song I might have had these senses triggered. Like if this song was on when I had my first dance with someone special. Let's say it was at an old time debutante ball. Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle. Maybe it would be easier for me to just write a short passage to explain it in a story.

          Aireona waited to be announced, "Aireona Hemsworth." She didn't allow the announcer to continue with his needless talk of who she was and where she was from. It didn't matter one lick to her. She was here to have fun.

  Not unlike all the other girls here, but she wasn't here to find a husband. She walked to stand in line with the other girls. Hating the hungry looks she was receiving from some of the men.

  They could look all they liked, not one of them was going to get her to bite. She didn't want a man, nor did she need one. She was perfectly happy with her life the way it was. Her father doting on her and her mom cooing over her. It would be that way forever, she had decided.

  Being an only child, she knew her parents wouldn't want to kick her out. They would wait until she was ready. But she wasn't. If she were to marry, it could only be to the one she loved. Grayson.

  Though it would never happen. Not with Grayson being a "lower class citizen." Her mother's words when she found out about Aireona's "little crush." If she couldn't choose Grayson, than she would choose to be a spinster.

 Shaking herself, she reminded herself she was here to have fun. Thinking about Grayson saddened her. He had disappeared the night of their first kiss. Leaving without so much as a goodbye. So she tried to push him from her mind, when the music began and a man walked up to her holding out his hand asking her for a dance.

  Placing her hand in his, she walked with him to the dance floor. Once they reached the dance floor, he placed his other hand above her hip. Her other hand went to his left shoulder. She smiled nicely at the man but his touch didn't bring that same sizzle through her like Grayson's. Still she enjoyed the dance, and William seemed like a nice fellow.

 She barely had time to catch her breath when another song came on and another man took her hand. Not even asking her permission to dance. Something very unbecoming of a man trying to find a wife. Especially if that wife was her. Not that she was interested. Looking up darkly, her brows furrowed and lips thinned, she sees Grayson.

  Her lips formed an "o" before they settled into a soft smile.Unlike William, Grayson placed his right hand on the small of her back. Still holding her hand he leds Aireona into a slow dance. "Grayson." She breathed, not quite believing he was there. The music allowing them to be close for the moment.

  "Aireona," he says, breathing her in. "I have missed you." She had never looked so radiant. Glowing like the night's stars. So beautiful and out of his reach. But  not anymore. He had worked hard and was ready to court Aireona, so that one day he could ask for her hand in marriage.

  The tempo picked up and Aireona moved away from him. The music no longer allowing the closeness he craved. Her mouth fell and her movements were filled with fury. "You wouldn't have missed me if you had stayed." 

 Grayson pulled her close and whispered  fervently "If I had stayed things would have spiraled out of control and you know it."

 Aireona's cheeks flushed. "It was just a kiss." She dismissed..

 "Did it mean so little to you?" Grayson asked, his fingers digging into her back. "Do I mean so little to you?"

  "You're hurting me." Aireona whimpered, her voice full of shock and pain. Grayson's hands dropped and he started away from her. No you don't! Aireona thought. You're not walking away from me again!  Quickly grabbing his hand and placing it back on her, threading her fingers through his hair. Not caring that the dance didn't call for that kind of closeness. "You mean the world to me," her eyes daring him to see that truth.

 People were watching the pair, as they danced around them. Grayson forgot who he was and what he was  supposed to be and kissed Aireona. His lips taking hers in a kiss full of pent up hunger. Aireona, forgetting where she was, letting out a soft moan. The world seemed to stand still while they kissed. The music surrounding them seemed to capture all the passion that the kiss held.

 But eventually the music stops and the room is buzzing with hushed whispers.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Describing a Strawberry Daiquiri

So I have decided that besides writing my stories down I am going to describe random stuff. Touch,taste, smell, sight, and hearing. 
Because when it comes time for me to describe something I am horribly bad at it. 
I live these things and I don't know how to put it into words. So I figure while I am tasting, touching, hearing, smelling or seeing something I'm going to write it down. That way if it's ever need for one of my stories I have record of it.

 Today I am going to describe a strawberry daiquiri. Why? Because my wonderful husband made me one today. 

SIGHT- A rich color of red. Much like a strawberry, hence the name. Tiny chunks of ice floating, cooling (touch and taste) the drink down. Bits of real strawberries can be seen in my glass.

SMELL- Sweet

TOUCH- The glass is cool to the touch from the ice chunks in the glass.

HEARING - The sound of the bubbles popping reminds me of the snap crackle pop of the Rice Crispy cereal minus the snap and crackle. (Bet you didn't know drinks had sound!)

now for the obvious 

TASTE - cold, wet,sweet and tangy.

Okay now let me try to write all that into a scene. 

The waitress came over to our table, placing a strawberry daiquiris in front of me and each of my sisters. 
"Will there be anything else?", the petite, curvy scantily clad waitress asked, before leaving for her next table.

My sister, Charlene, raised her tall liquid filled glass. "A toast," Two more glasses raised, waiting. "to Cassandra. For FINALLY getting her license!"

Three chilled glasses clinked. "To getting out of the house!" I cheered, before taking the first taste of freedom. It tasted sweet. And a little tangy.

"To girls night out!" My youngest sister, Candace, shouted. It was her first night out since the birth of her baby girl, Lily. My favorite niece. Of the moment. Well, she does poop herself! I know it's not her fault, she's just a baby. 

Mine were almost all grown up and while I missed having a baby to cuddle and coo at, I definitely didn't miss the late night feeding and the dirty diapers.

I watched as Charlene gulped down her daiquiri before chastising her. "Charlene! You're the designated driver!"

"So what! We'll just call your hubby. He'll pick us up.", she decided, waving the waitress back over. 

Sighing, I pull out my pink sparkly cell phone and punched in my husband's number. He answered on the first ring. 

"Miller's Morgue. You kill it, we grill it." Ugh. I hated when he answered the phone like that.

"Honey, can you pick us up later?" Before he could start in about Charlene being the designated driver, I told him she had already had too many and Candace didn't have her license yet. He didn't even try to tell me to drive. He wouldn't want me drinking and driving. Knowing there was no other option he agreed but I could tell he wasn't too happy about it. 

Okay that's where I am ending it. I don't think I did so great with description. Definitely not with all the descriptive things I could have said about the drink but then I don't think I really needed it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rekindled Love

So my son read his story The Story of Me: The Reaper's Son    
and asked me when I was writing the next story because he wants to know what happens. He asked me if I could have the next story done for his birthday.

So I have. I am on the 6th page of the story. Keep in mind that I am writing this by hand. I have certain things mapped out to where I want the character Erik to go but sometimes I get nothing and just put it out of my mind for a few days.

Meanwhile he has read his cousin Gabbie's story Magic , his cousins Derik and Dylan's story The Shadows and his sister summed up what her story The Unknown was about.

I am glad I started writing his story now because I know there is a lot of work to be done for something as simple as writing him a story. It has to keep him interested so it has to flow right.

To check my work I'll read it aloud. Sometimes to get my son hyped about the story, I will read snippets to him and see how he reacts to it.

He is my target audience for most of the stories I have written. In all honesty, he is my inspiration.

I stopped writing in 12th grade. I think mostly due to the fact that I had moved out and moved in with my boyfriend (my hubby now). I was no longer a kid. I was a responsible adult. I didn't have to be. That is until I got pregnant. That's when my priorities changed.

I think my son was five when I wrote him his first story. A Pirate's Treasure.   Soon after that I wrote him a Christmas Story The Best Christmas EVER and that's how I rekindled my love for writing stories.