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Monday, December 26, 2011

Stealing Christmas

Santa sent me to the North Pole.
He sent me there with a handful of coal.

I wasn't bad.
But Santa, he just
made me mad.

Every year my brother got more.
It was something I couldn't ignore.

I would have my Christmas Day,
but first I had to get Santa out of my way.

I turned him into a blue jay
so that I could take his sleigh.

But he tricked me into wearing his hat.
Tricked me into being a cat.

My spell only lasted this one Christmas Night.
I had wanted everything to be just right.

But midnight came
and to my shame
my brother found Santa and me.
I wish he'd have been watching tv.
Instead of standing there staring at me.

Then Santa flew at me
and suddenly
I was back to being me.

So I gave him a whack.
But then human Santa was back.

Christmas had ended,
and it hadn't gone as I intended.

“Christmas was mine!
You're already too late!”
I yelled at him, my
voice filled with hate.

Then I heard him say,
“Have it your way!
Christmas is your day!”

That's when I ended up here,
at the North Pole with Santa's reindeer.

A little elf was coming at me
but it turned out to be
my cousin Gabbie.

“Hurry, Santa, into your sleigh!
You don't want to ruin Christmas Day!”

She pushed me into Santa's red sleigh.
Then the reindeer went up, up, and away

I just knew
what she
wanted me to do.

My first stop was to grant a Christmas wish
to give my brother a goldfish.

It felt so great to see his smile.
Next on my list was a boy named Kyle.

He wanted a toy car .
And a girl named Susie
wanted a pink guitar.

Kailey wanted a barbie doll.
Zack wanted a soccer ball.

On and on this list went.
I even delivered a present
to my steady boyfriend Brent.

Giving these gifts made me glad,
made me wish I hadn't been bad.

Then Gabbie appeared suddenly
sitting right beside me.

“You're Santa no more.
Once again you're the cousin I adore.”

She said merrily.
And a change
came over me

I was wearing Santa's clothes
and had Santa's red nose

Then I was back
to wearing black.

My nose was still red
and I still wore
Santa's hat on my head.

I learned something today
and I know it sounds cliché,

but Christmas isn't about me.
It's about friends and family.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish days 20-25

day 20

day 21

day 22

day 23

day 24

day 25

Best Christmas Ever

Early Christmas morning,I woke up with a fright
knowing that something wasn't right.

I ran downstairs to see
the gifts Santa left for me.

No gifts to be found,
though there were snow prints on the ground.

Santa had been here
with his nine reindeer.

So I went out into the snow,
And do you know
what was in the snow?

The first thing I found
lying on the ground
was Santa's black boot.
Next to it, Santa's red suit.

I found his hat
on a furry black cat.

It meowed at me,
then suddenly
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,
Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen,
and Rudolf too
came flying through.

Trailing behind was Santa's red sleigh.
On top of it sat a fat blue jay.

The cat shed its black fur.
Then suddenly it was my sister.

Still wearing black,
she gave the blue jay a smack
when it tried to attack.

She laughed as it fell to the snow.
She laughed until it started to glow.

“Christmas was mine!You're already too late!”
My sister yelled in a voice filled with hate.

Then I heard Santa say
“Have it your way!
Christmas is your day!”

That's when I got my Christmas wish.
My sister disappeared and I got a goldfish.

Jr's Story

my son has been watching me write stories and he really got into it and decided to write one of his own. It is his 1st one.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18

Day 18

The link is up and running but it isn't in it's best animation yet. But if you want to read the story click the link and read it

Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Frog

I am debating on writing my other nephew (my nephews are brothers by the way) a Christmas story. His mom says he likes frogs. So I was thinking of writing where Dylan finds a frog in the snow and it is blue. He likes frogs so he picks it up and brings it into the house. The frog turns from blue to green. The frog turns out to be Santa Clause and he grants Dylan Christmas wishes. But only for one day. I want to put something in there from Derik's dragon story but I dunno what yet. But I am excited to write it. Might be able to make it rhyme. I get so many ideas for stories.

Dragon Story for my nephews

So I am starting to write a story for my nephews. I am still uncertain of how I am starting the beginning of the story. I have 2 versions of the beginning so far. The first one is were a boy named Derik and his brother Dylan find an egg in the woods. Dylan is the younger brother and he wants the egg because it's glowing and he takes it from his brother. But as soon as Dylan takes it it stops glowing. He gives it back to his brother saying "I don't want it anyway it's broken." Derik has it in his hand and the egg starts to crack. Dylan smirks and says "Told you it was broken." Losing interest in the egg Dylan wonders off to look for something like that egg. Derik isn't  paying attention and just watches as the egg cracks and a red scaly hand with a claw pops out of the egg. Next the head. Thats when Derik knows what it is. Dylan comes back with a frog. And I haven't written this yet because I am not sure I can have the frog because it is Christmas time so there is snow.

Other beginning that I have been  thinking about starts with Dylan coming home from school and sees his mom putting the groceries away. He sees her putting eggs in the fridge and yells at his mom because baby chickens could be in the eggs. So he steals one and sticks it under his pillow. It hatches into a dragon.

I was thinking on another beginning where Dylan takes a chicken egg from his mom and  Derik finds the dragon egg out in the forest by himself .When Dylan finds the dragon egg he thinks it is his egg. He doesn't know that his mom took the chicken egg out of his room when she found it cleaning his room. Derik and Dylan get into a fight over the egg. Then it cracks and Dylan yells "You broke it !" Dylan runs out of the room to tell his mom that Derik broke his egg. A red scaly hand with a claw pops out of the egg. Next the head. That's when Derik knows what it is. Derik hides the dragon in Dylan's closet when he hears his mom coming up the stairs. He scoops up the remains of the egg shell and hids it in Dylan's laundry basket. Mom and Dylan walk in and the mom tells Dylan there was no egg because she cleaned his room and took it out. Dylan starts to argue with his mom telling her there was a baby chicky in there. And the mom and Dylan leave the room while the mom explains that the eggs she buys at the store don't have baby chickens in them. They make sure they don't. Derik opens the closet door to find out that the dragon had some clothes on fire. It was a small fire and Derik was able to stamp the fire out with his sneakers. Derik names the dragon. Not sure what yet. Plan on having Derik raise the dragon. He finds out the dragon likes live food. Cause he sees the dragon eat Dylan's pet hamster. He tells his brother that the hamster ran away.  So as it grows the food he eats gets bigger and bigger. And he can't hide the dragon from his mom and brother anymore.

Not sure how to end the story though

Chloe's Christmas Wish Day 12

Day 12

Chloe's Christmas Wish Day 11

Chle's Christmas Wish

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish Day 1- 7

My sister Candace and I wrote a story together. Her friend Elaine Eigel illustrated it. It was all for Elaine's Christmas advent calender. So please check it out. Chloe's Christmas

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tangled Illustration's for Birthday

Here are some pictures of the 2 things I drew for my niece's Tangled birthday party.

Courtney The Dog Who Followed me Home

A puppy once
followed me home
and it just
wouldn't leave me alone.

So I asked my mother
if I could keep and love her.

She said “We'll see”
and that made me happy.

Usually I got my way
Usually in the same day.

This time it took so long
but I knew I had to stay strong.

I named the dog Courtney
who jumped around in glee.

She loved her name
I called and she came.

I would feed her
and brush her

She would sit
when I said “Sit”

She barked when I said “Speak.”
By then it had been a week.

So I asked my mom again
She said to give her ten.

I thought she meant minutes

She hadn't said yes
but she didn’t say no

I was as happy as could be
Until Courtney took a pee.

She peed on the floor
and I ran out the door

I don't want her no more!”
to which my mom replied
Just clean the floor.”

It's been two weeks and a day
and my mom still didn’t say

I taught Courtney to stay.
I taught her to lay.

I taught her to pee outside
when she did I was filled with pride.

When I went to bed
she slept by me head.

I would cuddle with her
and I swear she would purr.

I loved her a bunch
I would sometimes even
give her my lunch.

My mom didn't know
Cause she would have said so.

I tried once again
this time she gave in.

I always get my way
Only this time
it took forever and a day.