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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Truly Radiant

Truly Radiant

Clean and bright
are my teeth tonight.
My smile ignites
at least one or two fights.
Everyone wants to know
where they can go
to get a smile like mine
I tell them I got it online.
Suddenly I'm left alone
as they race to get their own
Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

Monday, May 26, 2014

#GameofThrones #MockingBird inspired Poem

#GameofThrones #MockingBird inspired me to write this poem.

Oh, to do to those that hurt those we love!
But to do such things
robs others of those whom they love.
What shall they do to us?
No better are we,
for the vengeance we seek.
Spilling blood on one another.
So that soon it is our blood that drains.
The vengeance cycles once again.



Oh, how you entice me!
Longing for the answers
only Mathematics
can provide.
What does it mean,
when you hate Math
but love Numerology?

Touched by Darkness

She calls my name every night.
Beckoning me to bathe in her moon light.
But the darkness caresses me
Every touch; a plea.
A pleasure, so intense
I forget its expense.
I have darkness in me
and I'll never be free
The bonds that bind
keep me forever confined

Poetry is Art.

Poetry is an art.
 Enjoy it. 
Find comfort in it.
 It's there for you to vent, to brag, to scare, to show you care.
 Imagination is everything to an artist. 
Your words are your brush strokes. 
Paint me a picture. 
So that I can bask in your glory.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I'm wrong.
I've done nothing
but I'm wrong.
Called you on your bullshit
but I'm wrong. 

 I'm not wrong. 
Maybe, just maybe,
 you and I 
are just not
 right together.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lovers in the Dusk Balunywa Ibrahim's blackout poem

Following my prompt on facebook in No Direction Home ( artists always on the verge of becoming ) to try blackout poetry, from A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin page 74. I am super excited to share Balunywa Ibrahim's blackout poem. You can check out more of his poetry here.
Lovers in the dusk
They rode out together;
Stars through the gathering dusk.

They stopped beside a stream,
Off his horse he lifted her from hers.
She felt fragile,
Her limbs weak as water.
Trembling in her wedding silks,
She began to cry.
He rubbed away the tears
made her feel better.
Touched her hair softly,
Murmuring softly in Dothrahki .
There was warmth in his tone,
A tenderness never expected.
He towered over her,
As he towered over everyone.
Lightly under the arms,
He seated her on a rock beside the stream.
He sat facing her,
Legs crossed beneath him.
He begun to undress her,
his fingers deft and tender.
He removed her silks,
one by one.
Looking at her breasts,
She could not help herself ,
She averted her eyes,
Covered herself with her hands.
He pulled her hands away,
Then lifted her face to make her look at him.
He pulled her close,
To remove her last silks.
The night air was chilly,
She shivered, and she was afraid.

Friday, May 2, 2014

John Towsley "Blood Dawn" Backout Poetry

 Following my prompt on facebook in No Direction Home ( artists always on the verge of becoming ) to try blackout poetry, from A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin page 74. I am super excited to share John Towsley's blackout poem.

"Blood Dawn"
He rode out as stars and aces spoke
Word drove hard through the ring
Dusk bells in long soft whisper
He wed to keep her blood
The dragon was after war
He had a dark side
All of his horse and hand
He stood and the turn began
A red expression lifted away the tears
Rough with common wonder, he thought
As one had known better
Touch lightly the silver and stand
The warmth expected his head
Eyes to her tower light
Under her seat on rock
He sat on ground facing cross
Finally his long raid was over
His shoulder began to move forward
When they were done; time sat silently
Watching like a dark eve
Long and tender, he bare all
She cover gently the face
No ...echoed back at her
The air was chill on her kin

30 Poems Blackout Poem

If you have been following my posts than you know how I planned to create a Blackout Poem out of my last 30 poems I did for Poetry Month. So here is all of my poems before I created my blackout poem. I had 1,174 words to choose from
Here is the same page AFTER I created my blackout poem.

He invades.
Twisting me all around.
Then, it ends.
I drown.
Water lingers.
I can't escape.
The only evidence, the only sound; my breath,uncontrolled
explodes as I take my valiant filled poison.
A threat.
Without worrying, without fear;
It conveys the wrath I plan
To capture the night.
Exposing the blood spilled.
Hauntingly sweet love, secures my lover
and I realize, his love has me searching for just one more life.
Friends, family.
Jesus, I'm feeling the power.
The power sinks in to my skin.
Once saved, nothing else is quite as dire as you and me.
Love is forever in knowing, none can compare to perfect love and perfect trust.
Dangers teach you to see the truth.
Dark, fragile tears warm his river of darkness.
Know how to feel what is a real.
Don't cry.
We're meant to be.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ken.(speaks out) by Balunywa Ibrahim

A poem written by Balunywa Ibrahim inspired by my Barbie poem. You can check out his poetry here.
Ken.(speaks out)
"They say Barbie is the one for me,
But that's only in life that's HD.
Could we possibly be a perfect pair
All because we are slim and rare?
She, tight and knit in a top showing some cleave.
I, ripped and fit in skinny jeans with my balls trying to breath...
Now every male is trying to be like me,
Yet I am trapped in a body where my soul can't be..
I wish I could help you wipe your sweat,
Pep talk your mind from things that make you fret.
Ohh this high definition life,
It can drive you mad like your wife!
Yet I am only paper maché;
There's very little that I can say.
Yet everyday,
I am a sales man...
I sell a fake life to a man..
How grand!
My sins are many,
And to different hearts they vary.
I give you desire for money,
To buy my leather pants and jeans so skinny.
I make you chase the sweet life,
Looking for Barbie, my sweet skinny honey..
Your friends deem you chubby,
I make you uncomfortable in your skin.
Now life is full of irony..
For as you seek a diet to get skinny,
Many die because they are hungry
Life is very funny,
And I am sorry...

Blackout Poetry : Good Night Surprise

My friend decided to follow my Blackout Poetry prompt from  A Game of Thrones by George.R.R. Martin page 74.

Good Night Surprise
Behind her; his stallion hard.
Long he rode.
She was never afraid.
She had stopped there, helpless and trembling.
She began to cry; her tears strangely empty of expression.
Perhaps she somehow made her fingers warm, A tenderness she had never crossed.
No, that's not it.
She slowly began to silently spread; gleaming.
She so thick and strangely tender.
Looking at her small breasts, she covered her breasts firmly to make her remove the last silks.
The night was on he bare skin.

If Jesus was Reincarnated

If Jesus was reincarnated
he'd look like you or me.
If Jesus was reincarnated
he wouldn't know that's who
he was.
If he was reincarnated,
what lessons would he learn?
What dreams would he aspire to?
Would he teach?
Would he seek revenge?
Would he be someone New?

#reincarnated #Jesus