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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Dream 8-1-11

Some lizard-like creature was in my town wrecking havoc. Erik was fighting it (he's in the special forces) So this lizard-like creature spits out what looks to me like a star fish thing. Then the lizard-like creature just leaves. There one minute and then it disappears. Erik gets closer to this soft star fish like thing and it starts making a high screechy noise. Erik grabs it and takes off into the forest.
Next scene I am at home. It's a 2 story house but it's built like a house on top of a house. So the floor that I am on has 1 bedroom and that's where I am at. Lying in bed not wanting to get up because I am so sad because I haven't seen Erik for 2 weeks and I'm afraid that I might never see him again. I get up anyway because I hear voices in the house and I go to check it out. I leave my room and walk pass the kitchen and into the living room where the stairs are to get to the second floor. I walk up the stairs to find Erika sitting at the table in the dining room talking with her friends Kaitlyn, Sammy and Amber. My son Erik Jr. was running around in the living room and then into the dining room when he saw me. I didn't even get mad that Erika had her friends over.
Then everyone goes downstairs into thee living room where the girls turn on a movie and start watching it. We hear a bunch of ruckus going on outside so Erika and I go to the window and look outside. There are 2 army trucks parked out front. I started to freak out. I was afraid they were coming to take us some place safer. But if we moved I knew there would be no chance of ever seeing Erik. And I was saying as much to Erika. She was telling me that she seen her dad just today. I was about to ask her more when her friend Amber told us that the army guys were coming to the house. Everyone lays on the floor and pretends to be sleeping hoping the army guy will go away. Instead the army guys starts to slip a piece of paper in the door.Erika doesn't bother to wait until the guy has completely gone from the door and opens the letter. She whispers "He wants to know if we've seen dad." The guy hears her and comes back. He asks her if she has seen her dad. She starts to answer but I interrupt her by yawning and stretching, pretending as if I was just waking up. I say hello the army guy. He says hello and asks if he can come in. I say yes cause if I say no then he will think we are up to something and we weren't. So he asks me if I have seen my husband and I tell him I haven't seen him in 2 weeks. I start crying. I ask to be excused saying I want to get more presentable because I am just in a long t-shirt. So I go to my room trying to find some pj pants but I can't find any. I think that Erika took all my pj pants. So I throw on some shorts and come back out into the living room. On my way back I walk through the kitchen and I see Erik coming up from the basement stairs. I was surprised to see him. In his hand he had the star shaped thing from the lizard animal. I tell him to be quiet my putting a finger to my lips. I continue walking into the living room where I see Erika talking to the army guy. I don't know what she has said to him but he turns and looks my way. He isn't looking at me though. He is looking past me. I turn around to see what he is looking at and see that Erik is behind me. No longer the star thing in his hands. The army guy springs to action and arrests Erik. Though I don't know why. I don't know what he has done wrong. Then the army guy comes back and starts questioning me about that star thing. I spot it on rag on the dining room chair. It starts screeching when the army guy comes near it. I want it to stop so I started to sing like I did when my kids were babies and they started to cry. Except I wasn't singing a song. I was sing like The Little Mermaid when she gave her voice to Ursala. I was trying to calm it like it was a person. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah. Ah ah aaaaaaah! And the louder I sang the quieter it got. The army guy was shocked. He just stared at me.

That's where my dream ends. I am thinking if I make it into a story. I have a lot to fix. like the lizard like part and the star like part. Maybe make a name for the creatures and then try to describe them in more details. I was thinking that the lizard either ate the star or maybe the lizard was the mom of the star thing. And was destroying stuff because it felt threatened. Lots of details would have to be thought of because WHY would it feel threatened. The star being a being makes sense. to me. Any thoughts would be great. Even better if anyone wants to help with the story.