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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Latest Tarot Box Project

 I hope you enjoyed seeing my project in stages. Feel free to send me a shout out on Facebook

A Universe in an Apple.

A Universe in an Apple.

 "You can have the whole world," said the snake to Eve. And much like the women of today, Eve wanted it all, so she took the apple. When she held it in her hand though she felt no difference.

 "You must consume it," the snake said slowly as if speaking to a child, "Then the universe will be inside you and no one can ever take it from you! "

So Eve took a bite of the apple and her whole world changed from that point on. The universe was her's, yes, but she would bare the responsibility from it through her children. God's gift and punishment for tasting the forbidden fruit.

Her children would be her world and much like God, she would have to teach them right from wrong.