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Friday, December 14, 2012

Stories in Progress

Okay so the story I was writing for my niece's birthday didn't happen because her birthday is so close to Christmas and I am writing a bunch of stories at the moment. One for my niece, one for my nephews, one for my step-daughter (I'm only clarifying this because she does it to me) and one for my son.

 I finally finished the stories about a week ago at 2am. Save my stories and went to bed. Early the next morning I wake up,have my cup of tea and start up my laptop, only to find that it wasn't loading right. Thankfully I had sent 2 of the four stories to my sister and she emailed those 2 back to me. The other 2 I had to retype.

So finally they are all typed up. Now all I have to do is sketch some picturs for the stories. (My kids like stories with pictures in them)  I'll have to color in the pictures then make a cover photo for each of the books.

Hopefully I get this done in time for Christmas. With only 11 days to go, I'm a little worried I won't make it.

Check back soon when the stories will be up for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. I did all the work so I better not see someone stealing it.