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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freaky Frog Dream

So I had a weird dream that woke me up this morning. It was about a frog trying to eat me. He would crawl through the ceiling and try to get me. Like all you would see is this bump moving towards you from the ceiling.  And the frog was like 2 people. He was someone I knew and someone/something scary. Before he became possessed the frog and I were looking for someone/something. Obviously he found it first. I'm pretty sure if I found it I would have killed it. The frog hates whatever is inside him. Making him do horrible things. (like trying to eat me) When we were searching for this thing he thought it would be the greatest thing. He wanted to get it before me, because he knew I would get rid of it. So the frog can't deal with IT anymore and tries to kill himself but he can't because whatever is in him wont allow it. If he throws himself off of a cliff he just starts to sticks to trees and kinda pulls himself up. It was really creepy in the dream.  Thinking maybe somehow I can turn this into a story. Just an idea

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bully Frog

I want to thank Michael Shultz for the title of my story. I couldn't think of one and he threw one out there and it stuck.

There once was a bullfrog
who lived in a bog.
He was
He was
He was

He would eat your brother
or even your mother,
if you were a rat,
or even a bat.
If you were a turtle,
he wouldn't care.
He ate a snake
on a dare.  
He ate a bird
right out of its nest.
But even you
could never guess
that he'd eat a little frog
and carry on
like nothing was wrong.

So when the heavy rain came
and washed him away,
everyone thought
No one even
bothered to look.

Meanwhile the bullfrog
was cold and he shook.
He was lost.
He was cold.
He missed his dad
and even the mold.

Then a beast,
so BIG,
snapped a twig
and looked his way
with bright glowing eyes.
The frog,
he thought
of all of his lies,
like the one that said
that he ate a bird
right out of its bed.
Or when he said
he would eat his brother.
Even the one
about eating your mother.

He squeezed his eyes, so tight.
He squeezed them shut
with all of his might.
This bullfrog was
quite a sight
with his eyes squeezed tight
and shaking with fright.
But when he felt
a human hand
his eyes popped out
and he started to scream
and he started to shout.

Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!”
That's all the man heard.
“Let me go! Let me go! You giant old turd!”
The man just shoved him into a box.
 Then the guy
did something strange.
He took the bullfrog home
where he soon got a name.
The man had a son
who thought it would be fun
to give him the name

Soon “Froggy”
found out
they had a doggy.
It was black.
It was
It followed him
and around
and around.

The kid thought it was funny,
but the mommy
did not.
She screeched
and she screamed
until “Froggy” was caught.
He was put into a cage,
but he wasn't alone.
It turned out to be
an iguana's home.

The Iguana was
The Iguana was
The Iguana looked

Froggy looked at the iguana
and started to freak out.
He started to scream.
He started to shout.
“Be quiet,” the iguana said.
“Go to sleep.
Go to bed.”

Then he closed his eyes
and put down his head.
The bullfrog jumped
far away.
He stayed up all that night
and all the next day.

Until finally the Iguana asked,
“What's wrong with you?”
The bullfrog,
he knew
what he had to do.
He jumped into the iguana's
food tray.
“If you're going to eat me
then eat me, okay?”
He squeezed his eyes tight,
waiting for the iguana's
sharp bite.
Instead he heard laughter.
“I'm a vegetarian.”
And the bullfrog
and iguana
lived ....


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Sketches

I drew these sketches today. I didnt completely like the one with gir riding the pig and the devil and angel girl . That's why I redrew them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have been drawing pictures all day of a character named GIR. I have some other sketches in here that I also drew. My kids think I should write a story about GIR. Also if you take notice my son tried to copy my GIR.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I finished a story about a frog. I am working on a title and having my sister, Candace, the editor look it over before I post it for everyone to see. Until then here is a poem for you.

I want to write something
something I'm not sure.
Sure to be long
Long enough to be short.
Short like my mom
Moms are great
Great like a queen.
Queens are majestic
Majestic like you.
You aren't royal?
Royal, like Catherine.
Catherine the Great.
Great like the best.
Best get going
Going to get me some rest.

I know it's not very rhymey but it was something i wanted to try. Where, when I ended with a word I would start the next line that word.It was all over the place and not really on topic but it was my first try trying something like that and it was spur of the moment. If anyone else tries it please post a comment and let me see it. Thanks

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have a sequel to the story Vampires in the Basement. I will post it but I just don't like the story anymore. It's too complicated and everything seems to be all over the place. I am posting it because I need to see the differences between how I could write before and how I am able to write now. But I am not sure if I am going to post the sequel first or if I will post a new story I am working on.

Cassandra Lynn

I was getting ready for bed and these words just popped into my head and I had to write them . I didnt want to just roll over, go to sleep and forget it in the morning. So here it is. What was keeping me up tonight. :)

My mom,
she gave me,
a beautiful name.
Cassandra Lynn
Then,my dad,
he called me Casey.
Which changed to KC.
Which is now spelled
Then I fell in love
and married a man.
So my name is no longer
Cassandra Lynn 
Now you may call me
Cassandra Lynn
Some people,
they call me
Mrs. Miller.
But I will always be
Cassandra Lynn.
I told you it once
and I'll say it again.
I will forever be 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Vampires in the Basement

Before I start this story I just want everyone to know that I started this story back when I was in high school so it was long before the vampire craze of Twilight and Vampire Diaries.
   On the day of Halloween Naomi was sleeping over her friend, Leanne's house. They were in Leanne's   room talking about boys, clothes, cars and music. Which started them talking about the BackStreet Boys, 5ive and     'N Sync. They were in the middle of arguing over who was sexier, A.J. or Howie, when Timmy walks in and starts saying, "What'z up, little sis?' to Leanne, then he see's his woman and yells "Where were you after cheerleading practice? I wanted to show ya the cheer I came up with."

    "We didn't even have school today." she told him giggling. Then Leeanne started laughing.

    "There had to be school,why else would I skip it."

    "Timmy,remember when you saw me coming home?" he nodded at Leeanne's question. "Well I wasn't coming home from school"

    "Then why were you wearing your backpack?"

     "I was carrying some of Naomi's stuff."

     "Oh" He scratched his head and flushed saying "Boy do I feel dumb."

    "That's because you're a blond." Leanne joked because she was the only brunette in the family, ad loved to tease of all of her family because of it.

     "Lee, that's not funny. I don't like you making cracks like that at my boyfriend." Before anyone could say anything again the door opened and Danny (Timmy's friend) walked in. Leanne groaned. She and Danny weren't quite on friendly terms

    "Danny,you can defend me. Tell then just because I'm a blond, doesn't mean I'm dumb."

     "Why? Who says you're dumb?" he asked. Timmy jerked his head to Leanne. "Oh. Well, don't pay any attention to her. She's only a girl." Danny said, acting like he would f eight years ago. When he still thought girls had cooties.

     "I say Timmy's smart as any blond could be at his age and I'm a girl." Naomi said.

    "Oh,but your not a girl. You're a woman." he playfully leered at her. Naomi couldn't help herself. She started laughing at his playful attempt of a leer.

     "What are you doing her anywa, Danny?" Leanne asked, getting jealous.

    "Didn't Timmy tell ya?" he pause "No,I guess not. I'm sleeping over!" Then a knock came on Leanne's door and JT walked in. Naomi's eyes lit up.

     "Hi guys.Hi,Naomi ." JT practically purred out her name, to Timmy's disgust.

     "What the fuck do you want, JT?" he said with scorn. Everyone's heads snapped to Timmy. He never cursed unless he was really upset. Naomi took a hold of his hand. Still he pulled her into his arms possessively.

    "Jeez, Tim, what's your problem?" JT asked

    "Don't answer a question with a question." Timmy shot back
     "I was just going to suggest that we go down to the basement to tell Halloween stories."

    "What a great idea,honey!" Kara, who had just walked in said. "But don't you think it might be scary for some of them?" Kara was staring pointedly at Naomi.

     "You're a bitch, Kara!" Naomi screamed,running out of the room. Leanne quickly  ran after her. Timmy stared at his twin in shock.
     "What?" Kara asked innocently.

    "What's up with you, Kar? You don't  talk to my woman like that."

    "She's hardy a woman."

    "And you are?" When she didn't answer Timmy left the room in disgust.

    "What's wrong with you, Kara? Why'd you make a catty remark like that to Naomi?"  JT asked. Danny quietly left the room.

     "Didn't you see the way she was looking at you? I won't stand that!"

    "No, didn't happen to see how she was looking at me. So why don't you tell me exactly how she was looking at me."

     "She...I...JT!" she whined.

    "You were jealous of her. But why? I didnt kiss her. I wasn't even flirting with her."

     "It's the way you look at her. Like she's the love of your life."

    "Kara, ---"

     "You guys! We can't find Naomi ! " Danny interrupted, coming back into the room. JT and Kara quickly went t search for Naomi.

     "Where the hell could she be?" JT wondered aloud.

    "We've looked everywhere for her." Kara added

    "Hey, we haven't looked down n the basement!" and sure enough there she was. Timmy was holding her in his arms and was whispering something into her ear. Leanne and Danny were there.

     "Why didn't you tell us you found her?" JT demanded.

     "We just found her" Danny said defensively.

     "Well since we're down here how 'bout we tell those stories?" JT suggested.

     "How can you even suggest ----" Danny started out but was quieted by Naomi's voice.

     "Let Kara go first." Kara was so shocked she told a sissy story. It was about an ugly,old witch who ate little kids for breakfast. The witch melted in the end.

     "That was lame!" exclaimed Danny

     "Don't ever say anything negative about my girlfriend again!" JT exploded

     "It's my turn anyway so we'll see if mines lame too. Or too scary for you." Danny's story was about a guy Jarimia who killed young teenagers who resembled his mother. The mother who left him to be abused by his step-father. He, of course, ended up in jail.

     "That was better than Kara's but there need to be more suspense. More drama, more...blood." Timmy told him.

     "You can brag about your story if it scares anyone."  Timmy's story was abut a young girl named Mary. Mary didn't know , but she had a family curse. She was an orphan so she didn't know her family history. She was sent to every orphanage there was but, no one would take her because they thought she was a murder. You see every time someone would adopt her they would die. Soon all of the kids in the orphanages called her Bloody Mary  It got so bad for Mary that she killed herself. Because she took her life she was stuck between heaven and earth. The only way she could come out was if someone said her name 20 times and spun around in the dark, with the door closed. She ended up taking their lives in order not to fade away.
     Everyone was shocked at the detailed in Timmy's story. Finally, Danny said "That was a good story. But I don't think it scared anybody."

     ""Oh yeah? I dare you to do it. Go into a room with a mirror and turn the lights off and say her name 20 times."

     ""Look man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to---"

     "Shut up, Dan. My mom told me that story. It's not true."

     "Okay, you guys, now it's my turn." Naomi said, interrupting the conversation. Then they heard a creaking noise. They looked up at the stairway and saw Bryan. "Bryan, what are you doing?" Naomi asked.

     "Luke and Jay told me to listen in to see if anything cool was happening." Bryan answered. Luke and Jay guiltily came from behind the door.

     "Guys, we're just telling scary stories" Kara sighed.  Luke and Jason stepped through the door and pushed Bran back, then shut the door.

     "I gotta scary story for ya." sixteen year old Luke sneared.

     "Before you say another word. I ought to tell you that Naomi  is telling her story next." Luke looked at Naomi  and shut up.

 Jason (who's nine-teen) said shyly "Can we join ya guys?"

     "Sure,why not." Danny invited. Jay and Luke sat down.

     "Okay. They name of my story is Vampires in the Basement. Eight teenagers were down in the basement, on Halloween, telling scary stories when they got to this one girl, who told them this story. This house was built on the grounds of the vampires. Humans killed most of the vampires but others had scattered over the world. Well, while the kids were telling stories a vampire snuck up n a kid ad sank it's teeth into the teeenager. But what I didn't tell you was the vampires in this basement had a spell cast over them.
The young girl had said the words diablo's  creacion venir porsange. Devil's creation come for blood, three times and when she---"

     "Diablo's creaion venir porsange." Danny joked.

     "Danny! This story is real! I swear!"

     "Diablo's creacion venir porsange !" 


     "My grandmother told me this story."

     "So what?"

     "So, my grandmother was---"

     "Diablo's creacion venir porsange !!!"

     "--- the girl who told the story." Naomi ended, weakly. Everybody looked at eachother.

     "She only did it to entertain you." he scuffed. Then they all heard a groan. Everyone ran to the basement door. But it was locked.

     "We're going to die !" Leanne cried.

     "How do we stop this?" Danny asked desperately.

     "I don't know!" Naomi cried, just as desperately. "Gram never told me that part."

     "Shhh! I hear something." Danny whispered loudly.

     "Smell  porsange Thirsty. Need porsange. "

     "Oh, no!" everybdy screamed. They huddled together for comfort.

     "What are we going to do?" Leann asked to no one in particular. Nobody culd answer that.

     "Ohhh! I knew I never should have told you guys tgat" said Naomi, blaming herself.

     "You're right. It's all your fault. You said the words three times. You didn't warn anybody about not saying these three words. It's all your fault." Timmy said sarcastically.

      Suddenly a vampire was right behind  Timmy. Naomi croaked out a warning. No one could move. They were frozen with shock and fear. The vampire was about to sink it's fangs into Timmy's neck when Naomi grabbed his hand without thinking and ran.

      Of  course the vampire didn't follow. Not when it had  six more victims frozen there on the spot. Naomi couldn't think about them right now. She was so worried about Timmy. When she went to touch him he snapped "I don't need your help!" Yea. He was fine.


     "Damn it, shut up!" he saw the wounded look on her face and apologized. "Oh, darling, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you."

     She mumbled " That's alright." 

     "No it's not. I'm very for being an ass to you."

     "Wel, if you put it that way. Okay!" Timmy smiled and quickly kissed her.

     ""We gotta think f how we can kill the vampires."

     "I can't think!" Timmy slowly smiled. That sexy smile.

     "I didn't know I could kiss that good." Timmy teased which made Naomi blush because he did kiss that good. But she wasn't going to let him embarrass her.

    "How am I suppose to think when there are vampires down here? We don't even know how many there are. Heaven help me if I kill Danny for getting us into this mess."

     "Shh. I need t think"

     "It doesn't matter if we're as quiet as mice. They can smell our blood. They will  find us."

     "Well, than....let them"


     Leanne, Danny, Kara , JT, Luke and Jason were looking at each toher . While the vampire was loking at each of them. "Man, ths is crazy! Just crazy!" exclaimed Danny.

     "Shut it, Danny!" Leanne demanded. Then the vampire spoke.

     "Stop this bickering.Vampira wants porsange."
     "Well, now we know its female." JT said shakily. The vampire was wearing a gray, very baggy, old shirt and the cape hid the rest of the vampires body. Vampira suddenly grabbed Luke's neck and slowly sank her fangs in. Nobdy moved. They would be haunted by this scene forever.

      Danny ,the first to recover, grabbed Leanne's arm and ran. The other three start to run when they hear another groan. That distracted Vampira while everyone ran away. They kept running until they ran into Timmy and Naomi. All five of them screamed." Oh, jeez. You guys scared us." Timmy hissed.

     "Oh, well you guys just scared the living shit out of us!" exclaimed JT.

     ""Hey, where's Luke?" Naomi asked. Jay and Kara looked at each other then at JT.

      Reluctantly JT said "Vampira got hime. Sunk her fangs into his neck."

     ""Oh!" Naomi cried.

     "Hey guys, where's  Danny...and Leanne?" Timmy suddenly asked. JT looked around just then noticing that they weren't there.


     " I think we lost her" Danny panted, stopping to rest for awhile.

     "Why'd you do that?" Leanne asked.

     "Do what?"

     "Pull me outta there. I mean, out of the whole group you dislike me the most."

     "I don't hate anyone in the group...except maybe Jason." Leanne shyly lifted her eyes to his.

     "Why don't you---?"
     "Because he likes you!" Danny was shocked about what he was about to do. "Because he can kiss you. If I had any guts ..." Danny grabbed Leanne and pulled her against his chest. His lips a breath away from hers but then he quickly pulled away. "But  I don't"

     Leanne swayed towards him. "Don't what?" she got out breathlessly.

     "Don't have the guts." When she looked into his eyes she had a sparkle in hers' and a smile on her lips.
      "But I do." she said before she pulled his head down to kiss him passionately. They kissed until they felt another presence there. When they looked over there was somebody who looked a lot like a vampire. They weren't about to find out if it was a real vampire or not. They started running until they heard " Hey guys! It's just me ! Naomi's sister!  Come back here!" They waited for Cassandra, Naomi's older sister.

      When she caught up to where they were she teased the two. "So, you guys finally got together, huh? It's about time you guys got together. You've both been hot for each other for years. I'm just glad your together. You make a great couple." After she had gotten done running her mouth, she noticed bother of them blushing. "Hey, what's wrong?"

      Danny answered for them both. "We're not together."


     "Well,um..we better find the rest of the gang." So they started looking for them. "Why are you dressed like that anyway?" Leanne asked looking at Cassandra who was now wearing some black garb and had a powdery white face with ruby red lips

     "We, me and Naomi, planned to scare Kara with this story," Cassandra said quickly, "Naomi was supposed to tell this story about some vampire in the basement and then when she was done I was supposed to pop out. But I guess I was late and I missed the end of the story." She looked at the two of them. " So why are you guys all split up anyways."

        Naomi, Timmy, Jay, Kara and JT

     "They must have gone in another direction." Naomi pointed out.

      "We better go look for them." Timmy said. "You don't know what happened to them with vampires down here." So everyone went to search for the two. It was a big basement so they could be anywhere.

          Leanne, Danny and Cassandra

      Leanne and Danny explained what had happened when Naomi told the story Vampires in the Basement. So Cassandra took command and told them they had to find the five of them.

     With both groups looking for each other it was likely for them to pass each other out and that's just what happened.

       Naomi, Timmy, Jay, Kara and JT

     "We've looked everywhere for them. Can't we take a little break?" Kara pleased exhausted. Everyone agreed that it was time for a break. As soon as Naomi sat down she saw Leanne' brown hair.

         " Hey, Lee!" she shouted. Leanne looked in the direction where her name came from. She saw Naom and the rest of the gang. She tapped Danny on the shoulder than pointed towards them. Danny, Leanne, and Cassandra ran towards them.

         Kara freaked out when she saw Cassandra, who was still dress like a vampire.

         "It's okay! Kara, it's just Naomi's sister!" Leanne reassured her. Kara calmed down.

         " Yeah. Naomi planned to scare you." Danny retorted.

         "What!" Kara  shrieked.

         " Well why not? You're such a bitch to me . I just thught you needed a little payback." Naomi said quickly.

         " I'll pay you back you little---"

         " Kara!" her boyfriend warned.

         "Oh shut up, JT! This bitch has been asking for it for a long time. Flirting with my boyfriend. Using my brother" Naomi muffled a hurt cry. "Timmy, I don't see why you put up with her. She's not right for you. She's not even your type." Kara watched as Naomi ran away crying.

         "Now I know why Naomi wanted me to do this. You're a bitch." Cassandra told her in a nasty tone. Then ran after her sister.

         " What's wrong with you, Kara? You said all those things to deliberately hurt her." JT accused.

         " She didnt run because those words hurt her. She ran away 'cause she knows those words are true."

         " There you go again. I swear sometimes you can be such a bitch. The girl I dont want to know."

         " What do you think, Timmy?" Kara asked worried because Timmy was still staring in the direction Naomi had gone.   

         " Timmy slowly turned his head to look at her, then said " What do I think?" Timmy's eyes held hurt and anger in them "I think that when you accuse Naomi that way, you're just trying to get rid of her so your boyfriend will pay more attention to you. I think you should be accusing your boyfriend of all the things you are accusing my girlfriend of. And I think you are like a vampire. Not one that takes blood from people, but pleasure from others' pain."

         " Tim---" She didn't even get his name out before he was gone. She looked at JT for comfort.

         "At this moment, Kara, I don't even want to know you." JT told her before he followed Timmy.

          Leanne and Danny were having their own argument so they didn't see Kara run off and didn't notice Jason watching them curiously. "Why'd you tell Kara that?" Leanne screamed. "k at all the trouble you've cause in a few minutes."

         "Me! If you and Naomi never planned t scare Kara she wouldn't have even said those things!" Danny screamed back.

         "  Is there no brain in that head of yours ? You were there when Kara made those catty remarks to Naomi in my room!"

         " She came in when her boyfriend was making goo goo eyes at Naomi. Of course she's going to make catty remarks! She doesn't want her boyfriend to leave her!"

         " So she'd rather have her boyfriend than her brother's happiness? Her twin brother, I might add ."

         " Is that my fault?"

         " No. It's your fault that Kara found out Naomi's plan. That's  your fault." Finally they looked over in Jason's direction. And that's where Danny turned his anger too.   

         " Jay, what the hell are you doing here?" he didnt wait for an answer. "You want Leanne? Then take her! I dont need a woman accusing me of everything." Leanne grabbed Jay's arm.

         " Come on , Jay, I dont need to listen to this." Leanne huffed. Jay figured the two liked each other and they just needed another push. Like Danny killing him for kissing Leanne. So slowly he pulled Leanna towards him and brought his lips close to hers. And just as he expected Danny ripped him away from Leanne and punched him right in the jaw. He would have continued punching Jay if Leanne hadn't pulled him away.   

           Before anyone could blink Danny had Leanne in his arms and was kissing her roughly. Leanne pushed him away. "Don't kiss me!" she yelled at him.

           Danny took her hands and held on tightly to them so Leanne wouldn't pull away. "Do you like his kisses better than mine?" he asked coldly.  

         " Let go! Danny! Let go of me!" Leanne yelled trying to free her hands from his grasp.

         " Do you prefer him to me? Is that it?"

         " Maybe." she said confidentently.

         " Damn it! Answer my questions. Do you ! Do you prefer him and his kisses to me ?" Danny screamed          
        "Yes! That's what you expect me to say, isn't it? Isn't it. Well I wouldn't want you to finally admit when you're wrong. So yes. Yes, I prefer---"

         "But you do like my kisses! You melted against me when we were alone---"
         " Wait a minute! " Jay interrupted. " You guys already kissed? I thought...."

         " You thought what ?" Danny demanded.

         " That you guys just needed a little push to get started on a romantic relationship. Everyone was silent.

         "So you just pretended  to like me/. Ohhh! I am so embarrassed." Leanne ran away red faced. The two guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as if saying "women?"   then ran after her. 


           Naomi had stopped running and was sitting on a box when she saw a movement. She quickly jumped off the box. Before she could even blink a man was standing in front of her.He was in all black tight fitted clothing. His long, dark brown hair was pulled loosely in a pony tail. His dark, royal blue eyes were looking deep into hers. Then he spoke. " I am Domonic." He had such a husky voice. Naomi just melted when she heard it.

         "My name's Naomi." Domonic smiled.  He has such a sexy smile. Naomi thought. Then suddenly she saw Timmy standing behind Domonic.
         "what the hell is going n here? And who the fuck are you?" Timmy screamed. Then JT and Cassandra were behind Timmy.

         "  I am Domonic and I was just speaking with this lovely young lady Naomi."

         " That better be all  you're doing." Timmy muttered under his breath.

            Kara sat down, tired from running from those...those men. Who needs them anyway, she was thinking. She was looking at the floor of the basement when something caught her eye. It was a book !
So she went over and picked it up. She had to dust it off to read the title. But first she read the little words at the bottom. WANT TO KNOW WHAT MEN THINK ? HOW THEY THINK? WHATS GOING ON IN HIS HEAD? READ! AND FIND OUT. Her gaze fell onto the title. She couldn't tell what language it was written in so she didn't know what kind of things were about to happen. Kara took the book and found Timmy and some blue eyed hunk fighting.

         " What did you say? And what, pray tell gives you the right to question me?" said the blue eyed hunk.

         " That lovely young lady happens to be my girlfriend." Timmy yelled , stressing the word "my".

           Kara figured she could get to know what both were thinking at the same time. So she opened the book and read the words aloud. She wasn't sure she had said them right. They weren't in any english she had seen. Suddenly the two stopped arguing. That's when it happened. Timmy and Domonic switched bodies. But only they didn't know it...yet.





Karmic Soul Relationship

You were perfect...
for a little while.
You were everything I wanted
Everything you are.
Only now
you're everything I don't.
Where you used to be kind
now you're just mean.
Where you used to be home
now your never here.
Where you used to say you love me 
I just don't believe the loves there.
You were perfect...
for a little while.
But now that time is gone.
So I guess
all that's left
is for me
to move on.