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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Story in Progress

I am starting early this year. I am writing my niece a 2 part story. One I will give her on her birthday and the other on Christmas. This is the idea of the story. Now keep in mind that it is a story in progress so ideas change but as of right now it's a story about a princess named Gabriella who falls in love with a boy and he is turned into a giraffe. Why? Because her best friend (who is a boy) likes her and if he only wants her for himself. Of course turning her bf into a giraffe doesn't help his case and gets thrown in the dungeon.

Now originally the idea was for Gabriella's best friend to be a girl and for the two of them to like this boy. Gabriella wins his heart and it makes her best friend so mad she changes him into a giraffe. Because if she can't have him no one can.