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Monday, June 6, 2011

I finished a story about a frog. I am working on a title and having my sister, Candace, the editor look it over before I post it for everyone to see. Until then here is a poem for you.

I want to write something
something I'm not sure.
Sure to be long
Long enough to be short.
Short like my mom
Moms are great
Great like a queen.
Queens are majestic
Majestic like you.
You aren't royal?
Royal, like Catherine.
Catherine the Great.
Great like the best.
Best get going
Going to get me some rest.

I know it's not very rhymey but it was something i wanted to try. Where, when I ended with a word I would start the next line that word.It was all over the place and not really on topic but it was my first try trying something like that and it was spur of the moment. If anyone else tries it please post a comment and let me see it. Thanks